missing home

Yesterday I called my family and I learned that my father had a hypoglycemic attack while he was playing tennis. I was really worried (and still am), especially since he has diabetes, he smokes, and he can be very stubborn sometimes. Thankfully my younger sister Moira (who is also a nurse) was there and everyone in the family persuaded him to go to the doctor afterwards.

Because of what happened, I was very anxious for the rest of the day and I called home late last night again. It was so good to hear everyone’s voices (especially my father’s) and they all assured me that everything’s alright, they can’t wait to see me in the summer, and yes, my father promised to quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle (yeepey!).

God, I miss my family.

At times like this, I wish I wasn’t so far away from home and my dreams hadn’t taken me halfway across the world. How simple it would have been if all I ever wanted was to finish college, marry a man that I love, and raise a family – in Cebu.

But it was never that way. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to expand my horizons, travel, and learn many things. And I’ve always known that one day I will leave our sleepy little town by the sea. It was one of those things that I just know, deep inside my heart, sort of like when you see a place or a person for the first time and they feel right and you never question it because that’s just the way it is – that’s exactly how I felt about leaving my home and my country. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that, but my point is, I don’t think I would have been happy if I had stayed either.

Still, I can’t help but wish that someday we will all live in the same country (or even the same continent) again.


  1. te...: )

    wala lang... amazed ko... storya lang ta te dugay diri ato... can't wait to see u here... kay ako na pud laag diha...joke

  2. hey kiddo, thanks for dropping by. yeah, storya lang nya ta dugay dha, hopefully in july...i can't wait!

    and for the record, i'm so proud u, too. let's look into some graduate scholarships in eu together, ok?

  3. Dear Odessa,
    Your writing makes me want to cry. You are such a beautiful, intelligent and talented lady!!!!!! I am so proud to know you, work with you and call you friend. You touch my heart.
    I am so glad you are going home this summer to see your family. That's still on right? Your hometown sounds so ideal. I am so impressed with the way you have taken risks and the road less traveled. Your writing is awesome and your love for San Fran (the photos were so professional) is so evident. Get out of ordinary Carson. (Oops I am not following my advice and about friends not giving advice.) I would really miss you because you have made my work at PTN fun. Your easy confidence and wonderful way you listen to others creates the quiet poise I wished I had more of !!! Thank you for sharing your blog. It is so cool. You could be movie critic!! Much love, Lori