if a picture paints...

I can't help it. I'm giddy as a wide-eyed tourist, pointing my camera at every little thing I see. This city is casting its spell on me and I'm falling: willingly, joyously, deeply.

From where I'm sitting now, its easy to understand why Tony Bennet left his heart here. I've seen this view so many times before and yet each time, I'm still left at loss for words.

And really, who needs words? These pictures speak for themselves.

Check out the rest of the photos here.


  1. i cant help it either!!!

    to notice those pictures perfectly and professionally captured!!

    i strongly believed that those hands really have the talent for that!!

    those beautifully crafted yet talented hands of yours; just keep clicking...and pushing that button!

    deserve a cheer!!!!



  2. gee, thanks jean. you're very good for my ego :D