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Who the heck would lose her wallet the day before she will go on an international trip?

With all my running around, getting paperwork done, my kids covered, my tax forms completed, somewhere in the middle of getting coffee and trying to get through a rainy day at Arlington after a horrible 3-hour IEP, I must have dropped my wallet. And with it went my credit cards, my debit card, my USCard (now I can’t pretend that I’m a graduate student anymore :P), my California ID and all other forms of identification except my passport. Oh, and my expired Philippine driver’s license which I never even used anyway.

And the sad part is, before I even started to mourn my loss, it was time to scramble and get all things done before I leave. That and the messy business of canceling all my credit cards, going to the bank and buying traveler’s checks, etc.

Yeah, I can now write a "Complete Idiot’s Guide to Stressing Yourself Out Before Going on a Twenty-Hour Plane Ride".

update 5/4/06
There is definitely some goodness left in this world. Yesterday, after I got back from the Philippines, my housemate told me that a parcel was delivered for me while I was away. When I opened it, viola! my precious wallet was inside, all nicely wrapped, with its contents intact. Thank you, thank you, George from Torrance. I don't really know you, but you're an angel. And your little note was sweet, I tried to call your number but all I got was your answering machine. I know its impossible for you to read this but thank you anyways.


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