witches, drag queens, and a colorful parade

Happy Halloween!

It's almost midnight and I should stay away from this computer if I know what's best for me. But I'm still functioning on a sugar high, obviously from all that chocolate that they gave us at school today, and I can't bring myself to go to bed yet.

This past week has been insane, I was (and still am) drowning in paperwork. I wanted to write something here but I neither had the time nor the energy to do it. I have come to a conclusion that all this paperwork is never gonna end, that's its all part of being a school-based therapist, so I might as well start accepting this rather than complain about it. The little joys and the perks of my job (i.e. vacation!) is so much more than the agony of paperwork.

And speaking of joys, our kids had a Halloween costume party today and they were just adorable. Having been born and raised in the Philippines where we rarely celebrate Halloween and I never had the chance to go trick or treating, it was fun to watch the kids bouncing in their costumes while their doting parents were busy taking pictures. I was especially impressed by how well the little kindergarteners were able to tolerate their elaborate costumes. There were no crying or yanking of clothes and they all looked very happy in their little dress-up world.

My favorite was our blue-haired witch. I loved how she was so oblivious to the chaos that was going on around her, content on writing on her journal instead.

from the schools to the streets

The celebration doesn't really end there. For after I got home from work, I decided to watch the Halloween Parade on Castro Street. Earlier last week, my cousin Bill told me that I should see this parade because its really one-of-a-kind. And since I live down the street from Castro, I decided to check it out and experience for myself what everyone has been raving about.

So I went there, sans costume, expecting a parade. You know, the kind where I will stay in the sidelines and watch people in costumes pass me by. Much to my surprise, The Castro Parade is the exact opposite. There are really no performers or spectators but rather everyone is just crammed together on the street, whether you're wearing a costume or not.

Soon I found myself walking along a stream of people, staring at all the costumes (and there were tons of them!) and just trying to keep myself from getting pushed and shoved by over-excited teenagers. And boy, the costumes were unbelievable. Drag queens, fairies, pirates, skeletons...you name it, they're all there. I even saw chihuahuas dressed in hotdog costumes! It was fun and exhausting at the same time. I went home after an hour or so when I noticed that people were already starting to get drunk. Besides, I couldn't wait to see how my pictures would turn out.

Here are some of them:

halloween 124

This was really freaky, especially when he started talking.

I kinda liked how this turned out blurry :)

Thousands of people on the streets!

Next year, if I'm still living in this city, I think I will still brave the crowd and join this parade again. Its really an experience that one shouldn't miss.

or maybe not...

Update 11/1/06

I just heard from the news today that there were shootings at the parade last night. Thank God I left early!
Read more about this news here.


  1. Ben Franklin also had blue hair. This is why he died and has been forgotten.

  2. Dear Ode,
    Your pictures are awesome! I especially liked the blurry one. I am so impressed with you. You just go for it.

    Much love,

  3. Odang, you have GOT to join that parade next year, this time with a costume on! Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday coz it caters to my slight MPD. :)

  4. Chris, I'm not sure about the costume part. You know naman medyo naa man sad kuy social anxiety d/o...hehe, I'd rather watch than be watched. Maybe you should come here on Halloween, I'll brave the streets with you!