finding toland

I'm beat. Today was such a long day. I had to wake up early to get my S.F. Unified School District badge at this obscure location near the Port of San Francisco. And I had no idea where this place was, all I know was that I have to be there between 8 to 9 a.m. or they will have to reschedule my appointment. And they are very strict about this, one co-worker of mine arrived a little after 9 and they told her to come back again, get another schedule, and wait for them to contact her (a very agonizing process!).

So I got up at around 7, which was a miracle considering that I slept at 3 a.m. finishing my trienniel report for an IEP meeting today, and I was debating on whether or not I should just take a taxi or if I should just cancel my appointment all together. After all, who knows how long it will take me to find this place and maybe by the time I'll get there it'll be too late anyways. But in the end, I decided to drive there and get it over with.

Finding 843 Toland St. is another story. Something that might fall under a title like 'Adventures of a Topographically-Challenged-Hopelessly-Dyspraxic Driver' by *ahem*, yours truly.

I had all the directions from MapQuest so I thought it was fairly easy to find. But of course, just as it always happens when you are racing against time, there's road contructions, detours, and the much-dreaded traffic. And because we were redirected to another street, I had to pull over and check my map again, lest I end up entering the wrong street. I did end up driving towards the San Jose freeway entrance though I realized my mistake just in time to get to another lane!

It was already 8:47 and still no Toland in the sight. Did I miss it? And then, am I even driving in the right direction? Oh, I should've just taken a taxi! (This is what happens when you're spending way too much time in front of a computer and you're sleep-deprived, you start talking to yourself on a busy highway, haha). According to MapQuest, it is a 12 min. drive from my place (yeah right!). At the rate that I was going, it might have been light years!

*More driving and more talking to self* LOL.

And then finally, there it was - Toland. A little street in the middle of nowhere. Mind you, this area looked very sketchy, all I could see were old warehouses and cargo trucks. How in the world did the school district's Custodial Office ended up being here? I have no clue. But I did find it and the bungalow where I was to meet this lady who will take my picture. I looked at my watch and it was 8:59. Perfect timing.

Suzanne, one of the physical therapists who works at my school, was also there and she asked me if she could follow me on the way back to Noe Valley. She wants to follow me! I couldn't help but laugh. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

Needless to say, we, or rather I (because she was following me :P), found the way to our school. I survived the day and the hour-long trienniel IEP meeting while trying desperately not to yawn. And I finally got my badge, which means that I now have proof that I am officially employed by the school district.

Not too bad for a day's work, huh? Now off I go to get some sleep.


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