writing lessons

The thing that I love about working with kids is that they never fail to surprise me. They say the silliest, funniest, and most random of things but there's always some truth and wisdom behind it.

Like today, I asked one of my second-graders to come up with words to describe an apple that she had just tasted from her gardening class. And then I wanted her to make a poem about the apple from her list of words. This is what she wrote:

Red. Small. Sweetest. Sweet. Crunchy. Polka Dots.

"Why polka dots?" I asked her.

"Because first you have to look at your apple before you eat it," she replied cheerfully.

"And...?" I still had no clue why this has something to do with polka dots.

"Apples have different patterns in it. You have to look closely at the apple so if it gets lost, then you can find it. Mine has polka dots," she said.

Much later, I was still thinking about the polka dots. And how right she is. Because in writing, just like with everything thing else in life, one only needs to look closely at things to appreciate its beauty and uniqueness.

To some it may just be an ordinary apple. But to her, its an apple with polka dots. That's a big difference.


  1. Was just cruising Technorati and saw your blog featured. Great job! As an ex school teacher from way back (spent 8 years teching Jr High) I love the kid stories. Keep on blogging :-)

  2. Ga, you have a very keen appreciation on things... what a gift! I enjoyed the entry very much and as always (on almost anything) found some spiritual truths from it. Have a great day ga!

  3. and as always ga, i really appreciate your comments. hope you'll come to the west coast soon :)