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"We live in a beautiful world", sings Coldplay's Chris Martin. And looking at these amazing shots, I couldn't agree more.
I found them at Flickr, this wonderful world of pictures that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago, a community to which I am now *small voice* addicted. Hehe.

I hope someday I'll get to take pictures like these ones, but for now I'll find inspiration in all the beauty and talent that is out there. And if you haven't signed up yet, maybe you should too.

Then we'll all have fun exploring Flickrland!

A special word of thanks to all my new Flickr friends who graciously allowed me to post their photos here (click on each to visit their site):
Daniel, Lauri, Chany, Keith, Angela, Cat, Thomas, Lou, Alex, and Kevin.


  1. Mao jud ga! salamat sa Ginoo ga, finding an employer is the easy part... ang lisod kay ang pag-drop sa bomb na last year na ni nako kay i need to have my employers sign an affidavit for my WA state license application... you know how these things take time, haskang tiki-a!!! ga, i read about ur holloween parade adventure. nakuyawan pud ko gamay kay nagpinusilay man diay. please do be careful. danger can at times be candy-coated. tata...XOXO

  2. mao lagi, nagpinusilay jud sila. mostly ppl from out of town man diay to kai ang mga ppl dire sa neighborhood wala man diay ni-apil ato (from what they told me), naa diay kuno'y "secret" party the day before. hehe.