less than perfect

Scuffed. Scraped. Scratched. Dinged. *Insert more synonyms here*.

Whatever it's called, it only means one thing: my car is now less than perfect. I know, I know. I should let it go. Its just a scrape (albeit a very obvious one). And its all a part of the wonderful art of parking in San Francisco. Add the rain, the early morning fog, a sleep-deprived therapist hurrying for an IEP (yours truly of course) and there you go. It could have been worse.

But still. I'm a little bitter. I don't want to spend unnecessarily on a paint job. Yet I don't think I can stand seeing an obvious scrape (or scuff or whatever) on my car either. Maybe when it gets older, but not now.

So remind me again, why did I decide to get a car while living in this city?

on the upside

Only one more school day and its time for my winter break! Don't you just love working for a school district? I'm looking forward to spending time with family and friends, home-cooked Filipino meals, some NYC (and maybe Washington DC) wandering, and frolicking in the snow.

And oh, maybe even ice skating!

Photo by S Ryo on Flickr


  1. ice skating!!! i'm excited for you about that prospect. have a lovely holiday!

  2. yeah, i'm excited about that too. if only i could do it without falling all over the place. hehe.

    happy holidays to you too. and your family :)