It's official, I am now a convert of the Lysol She-Kids Brigade, founded by my equally crazy friends Dae and Mai, who both swore to the happiness that this ordinary disinfectant has brought to their lives.

I don't even know how it started, I was just shopping at my neighborhood grocery store and the next thing I know I was loading my cart with Clorox, Windex, lemon-scented shower scrubs, those instant toilet bowl cleaners that turns the water blue with every flush, and of course Lysol, gleefully anticipating hours of scrubbing, brushing, and killing germs (both real and imaginary, according to Mai :P). Three hours (and an aching, scoliotic back) later, I surveyed my sparkly clean bathroom and kitchen and I felt...happy. There's no other word for it, I just felt so refreshed, like I scrubbed away all my existential and winter melancholia along with those real and imaginary germs (can't help but write these words again, hehe).

So yes the rumor is true, Lysol is the new Prozac. Maybe you should try it one of these days.

yay for instant upgrades!

Just recently my cell phone's LCD screen went blank on me and so I've been walking around with a list of phone numbers written on a scrap of paper, dialing in the most primitive way, which was a bit of a pain. Even more annoying is that I had no choice but to answer every single phone call since I could not screen my calls. And believe me, I almost wished that my phone didn't work at all for not only did I have to deal with telemarketers, I also had to answer a not-so-welcomed caller in the middle of the night. Tsk, tsk.

Thankfully, the nice folks over at Asurion (Verizon's insurance provider) promptly responded to my claim. They even upgraded my Razr to the one with an integrated MP3 player and an expansion memory card slot, which means that I can now transfer songs from my computer to my phone and playback music from my iTunes. Pretty cool, huh? I have to figure out how this works still, but what the heck, its free!

P.S. My dears, I still need your phone numbers, please e-mail, txt or call me.


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