my incubus experience

'Twas one of the most exciting nights of my life. Heart beating widly, singing, screaming, grinning like an idiot, Incubus performing right before me. Incubus!

To think that I almost decided against watching this concert because I was very sick the entire week and even had to go to the hospital last Thursday. But the thought of selling my ticket, which I already bought the week after their Light Grenades album came out in November, really broke my heart and I just couldn't make myself to do it. I love them too much. In the end, I willed myself to get well and went to the concert - sniffles, cough and all.

And boy am I glad that I did. Incubus is so much better live and it must have been my lucky night too because they sang almost all of my favorites, old songs like Wish You Were Here and Anti-gravity, new ones like Anna Molly, Earth to Bella and Paper Shoes, and surprise, surprise, an acoustic version of Pardon Me, which nearly brought me to tears. It was that good. So good that I'm still feeling giddy and lighthearted just thinking about it.

All my love to the boys: Brandon, Mike, Jose, Chris, and Ben, for making this a truly unforgettable night. And oh yeah, that Brandon is smokin' hot! (",)

~ Many thanks to locopinoy for these gorgeous pics ~


  1. hello...!!!! bonito blog

  2. I went to see them a couple of years ago, Dang. They ARE awesome live!!! And yes, Brandon Boyd was/IS yummy. :)))

  3. thanks for dropping by silvia!

    chris, naboang pa ko ni brandon hangtud karon. as in :P