It was raining hail this afternoon and I was freezing. But I refused to feel miserable because I did that yesterday already and it didn't do me much good, I was just moping around the apartment, couldn't even summon the energy to finish my writing assignment. And I stayed up so late last night trying to get something done; typing a couple of incoherent sentences, starting a report for one of my kids, making a list of the things I need for my treatment short, just stressing out really because I didn't even finish anything that I started.

So today, when I got back from work, I decided to go out of the apartment, browse some shops at Union Square, and return a book that someone gave me because I already have a copy of that book (she was so good, she gave me a gift receipt!).

At the MUNI (train) on my way to Union Square, an officer started checking our tickets. Mind you, in the 6 months that I lived here no one has ever checked MUNI tickets before. But I guess that's gonna change from now on, unfortunately for this one guy who didn't have a ticket. I felt so bad for him, especially since there were so many people inside the train who saw him as he was being questioned by the officer. When we got off at Powell station, I saw 3 more people who were detained because they didn't have tickets. How embarassing, I thought.

Little did I know that I'd have my own share embarassing moments later.

Moment #1: So I was gonna exchange the book right? Well, there I was at Borders, smiling at the cashier and handing her the book and the gift receipt. She looked at it and said, "Oh, this is actually from Barnes and Nobles." Ooops. I think I turned crimson. I thought about all the people standing in line behind me who must have heard what she said and I just wanted to disappear right there. But I swear, when I looked at the gift receipt I really thought it was from Borders.

Moment #2: On my way home, I decided to buy coffee at my favorite cafe and read for a little bit. While walking back to my table with my very hot cup of coffee, I tripped and almost spilled the entire contents on the man sitting nearby. Thank God it missed him by a couple of inches! And I had a quarter of the coffee left. But still.

Only me, right? :)


I apologize for my silence, been trying to keep up with some changes lately.

First, and perhaps the most significant, is that I enrolled in a writing class. This is something that I've always wanted to do but never had the courage to do it. Just the thought of reading my writings in front of an audience, no matter how small, was enough to throw me in a panic mode. But not anymore. I'm still scared witless that I have to share my deepest thoughts to a group of people that I hardly know but at least now I'm willing to do it. Even if my sweaty palms says otherwise.

Next stop: getting an S sticker. If you live in San Francisco and you have a car, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Basically, the city is divided into different residential parking zones and each one is assigned to a particular letter. So for me, getting the S sticker only means one thing: street parking. Yup, I gave up my parking space because I could no longer afford it. Which means that now I have to hustle for a parking spot everyday. Which also means that I have to start letting go and loving my car a little less. This is certainly not an easy thing to do, just yesterday I saw a scratch on my car that wasn't there before and I wanted to throw a fit, but I'm working on it. Really. Its just a car.

Here's another one: bellydancing. Haha. Signing-up for this class was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Don't know how I feel about it yet, but I do love our studio and the music. As for the dancing, we'll see how it goes in the next couple of weeks.

And oh, I'm staying in SF. For another year at least. Now that I've had a taste of this city's literary life, I'm not sure if I want to give it up just yet. I'm probably gonna end up not saving any money whatsoever because this city is so darn expensive, but what the heck, you only have one life to live, might as well stay in a place that inspires and touches your soul. I'll worry about my finances later.

So that's it in a nutshell. I'm still looking for a job for the two months when school is out. I originally wanted to volunteer in Honduras with my friend Joan who always goes there for two weeks during the summer but I don't think that's possible right now. Unless of course, some wonderful cosmic alignment will occur and I'll wake up student loan-free, with a little cash on the side. =)

happy heart's day!

I want to say that Valentine's is so overrated just to pacify my cynical and sour-graping alter-ego, but the truth is there's a lot to be said about this day. Beautiful things. Some cheesy, some cutesy, others just plain sweet.

Like the sight of an old couple holding hands while standing in line to watch a concert. My gay neighbor looking all smiley and dreamy as he rushes out of our building to meet his date. How one of my first-graders said, "I love Valentine's Day because you make hearts and eat lots of candies."

When love is in the air, you really can't help but smile. Its so darn infectious.

and speaking of love...

Is there anything about this boy that will make me love him a little less? Seriously. I just read his latest journal entry and oh dear, be still my heart.

~Photo by

blue, blue, beautiful blue...

So after days of rain, the sun finally decided to grace us with its lovely presence. And what good timing! We drove down the coast along Highway 1, spent hours getting to know the marine life at Monterey Bay Aquarium, and then later went wine tasting at Soif, a wine bar in Santa Cruz. I have a lot of stories to tell but all that wine is making me sleepy, so for now I'll leave you with these pictures. Enjoy! :)

Check out the rest of the pics on my Flickr photo sets here.

a queen's visit

Yesterday, I took a break from all my organizing and report-making to witness the arrival of Queen Mary 2, the world's largest passenger ship, as it passed right below the Golden Gate Bridge. I joined thousands and thousands of people as we oh-ed and ah-ed over this majestic vessel, which, combined with the gorgeous weather, the bridge and the hills, was certainly a sight to behold.

Of course, my imagination got the better of me and I couldn't help but think about those days when people would sail all the way from Europe to America. How many people have actually connected and made lifetime friendships in those voyages? I remember when I watched the movie An Affair to Remember for the first time and I thought it was all so romantic, those unhurried days of traveling and dining and meeting people from all over the world, and yes, falling in love. Ah, those were the days.

But before I get carried away with dreams of sailing into the sunset and happily-ever-afters, take a look at some of the pictures that I took:

Isn't she a beauty? See more pics here.