happy heart's day!

I want to say that Valentine's is so overrated just to pacify my cynical and sour-graping alter-ego, but the truth is there's a lot to be said about this day. Beautiful things. Some cheesy, some cutesy, others just plain sweet.

Like the sight of an old couple holding hands while standing in line to watch a concert. My gay neighbor looking all smiley and dreamy as he rushes out of our building to meet his date. How one of my first-graders said, "I love Valentine's Day because you make hearts and eat lots of candies."

When love is in the air, you really can't help but smile. Its so darn infectious.

and speaking of love...

Is there anything about this boy that will make me love him a little less? Seriously. I just read his latest journal entry and oh dear, be still my heart.

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