a queen's visit

Yesterday, I took a break from all my organizing and report-making to witness the arrival of Queen Mary 2, the world's largest passenger ship, as it passed right below the Golden Gate Bridge. I joined thousands and thousands of people as we oh-ed and ah-ed over this majestic vessel, which, combined with the gorgeous weather, the bridge and the hills, was certainly a sight to behold.

Of course, my imagination got the better of me and I couldn't help but think about those days when people would sail all the way from Europe to America. How many people have actually connected and made lifetime friendships in those voyages? I remember when I watched the movie An Affair to Remember for the first time and I thought it was all so romantic, those unhurried days of traveling and dining and meeting people from all over the world, and yes, falling in love. Ah, those were the days.

But before I get carried away with dreams of sailing into the sunset and happily-ever-afters, take a look at some of the pictures that I took:

Isn't she a beauty? See more pics here.


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