oh busy, busy kids!

"I don't know how you can do it", my cousin Bill said to me. By "it", he meant working with kids for 6-7 hours a day, 5 days a week. We were at the
Exploratorium, surrounded by hordes of very busy little munchkins, and we were all really tired except for the children of course.

"I don't know either", I answered as I looked towards Charlie and Samatha (our cousin Marivic's kids who were visiting from NJ for the weekend) happily making giant bubbles at one of the exhibits. As with every other kid in the museum, they were unstoppable, bursting with energy while I felt like a wilted flower, sitting in one of the benches and trying desperately to keep my eyes open.

I guess the only thing that I can say about working with children is that you just have to let go. Poopee pants, toys flying in the air, whining, kicking and screaming - these are all part of the game and if you take it too seriously you'd start pulling your hair out by the end of the day.

And reality is, no matter how cute and adorable they are, there will always be those not-so-good days. Someone will throw a tantrum and another one will start putting toys in his mouth no matter how many times you tell him not to, and at the end of it all there's nothing much you can do about it anyway. So I learned to simply go with the flow. Then there's the next day, the next escapade, and life goes on.

Ah, the joys.

spontaneous find

The one thing I love about living in San Francisco is that you'll always find something interesting here, whether you're walking around in one of its neighborhoods, buying food at a farmer's market, or simply hanging out at a coffee shop.

Last Saturday my cousin and I discovered another precious spot in this fair city. No, its not a bench at the Golden Gate Park, although I did find one that I absolutely love last summer at the Shakespeare Garden. This one is more exciting, especially since I don't think its been written on any of the guidebooks. It was just pure luck that we came across this area while driving along Ocean Beach. Take a look what we saw:

I believe this is called hang gliding, although I was such an idiot at first I thought they were giant kites flying above the ocean. Hehe. There were so many them and we watched in awe at how skillfully these hang gliders were able to maneuver their "wings" (I just made this up, I'm sure its called something else :P). One even made a 360 degree turn right at the edge of the cliffs! Just wow.

And the panoramic view from the cliffs were breathtaking. I wish I brought my camera with me, but you can check out some of the pictures here, thanks to Christian of PBase. Later, I learned that this area is part of Fort Funston State Park. Be sure not to miss it when you visit SF.

~Photo by the other Martin Taylor

hello spring!

Spring has sprung and so did my allergies. I can't even remember feeling this way last year, but right now I'm always sneezing, my eyes are watery and my nose feels stuffy-tickly-etc. Not good. Perhaps this has also something to do with me being around two cats (yes, TWO!) last weekend when I was helping my aunt take care of sweet Alysse in San Rafael. Guess I'm allergic to cat's hair. Tsk, tsk.

On a much brighter note, the weather has been great for two weeks now. I'm even wearing my flip-flops again, which really makes me a happy camper. Lots of outdoor adventures to look forward to. Plus, spring break in two weeks! Yay!

Speaking of outdoor adventures, the Bellflower girls a.k.a. Jackie and Farrah came to visit SF a couple of days ago and we went all over the place. Rather, I took them all over the place. Napa Valley, Sausalito, Union Square, Chinatown, North Beach, Fisherman's Wharf. Whew! All in a day's work. And we took lots (and lots!) of pictures. Haha. Here's but a few of them:

Napa is gorgeous. I've been here a few times before and it never fails to take my breath away. These pics were taken at the William Hill Winery where we had a some wine tasting, then couldn't find our way back to the town center. Good thing we ran into some hikers and asked for directions! :P

Next stop: Sausalito. I love this artsy seaside community right across the Golden Gate Bridge. I even joked that if I become rich, I'd definitely build a house here. But since we all know that the chances of this happening is close to nil, it'll remain just that - wishful thinking. Or maybe I just need to start buying the lottery.

It was so nice and sunny outside, so decided to sit by the water and watch those little sailboats go by. Not to mention, a perfect view of the SF skyline.

Here, I became the group's official maniniyot, which I didn't really mind so long as no one complained about my driving. Hee. Remember the line?!

This is my favorite shot of the day, with the late afternoon sun casting its orange-y spell on the waters and those gorgeous houses by the hill.