spontaneous find

The one thing I love about living in San Francisco is that you'll always find something interesting here, whether you're walking around in one of its neighborhoods, buying food at a farmer's market, or simply hanging out at a coffee shop.

Last Saturday my cousin and I discovered another precious spot in this fair city. No, its not a bench at the Golden Gate Park, although I did find one that I absolutely love last summer at the Shakespeare Garden. This one is more exciting, especially since I don't think its been written on any of the guidebooks. It was just pure luck that we came across this area while driving along Ocean Beach. Take a look what we saw:

I believe this is called hang gliding, although I was such an idiot at first I thought they were giant kites flying above the ocean. Hehe. There were so many them and we watched in awe at how skillfully these hang gliders were able to maneuver their "wings" (I just made this up, I'm sure its called something else :P). One even made a 360 degree turn right at the edge of the cliffs! Just wow.

And the panoramic view from the cliffs were breathtaking. I wish I brought my camera with me, but you can check out some of the pictures here, thanks to Christian of PBase. Later, I learned that this area is part of Fort Funston State Park. Be sure not to miss it when you visit SF.

~Photo by the other Martin Taylor


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