i love me some geek

Sunday night and I can't sleep. ISC's resident celebrity boyfriend is crooning in the background. And oh, isn't it wonderful that he loves the sun too? And he adored his grandma who "would bring to life with her paints all kinds of kitschy creations to place...." And he admits to being shy. And he wrote You and I Both which is easily one of the sweetest songs ever.

Yes, for those of you who don't know, I'm rambling about Mr. A-Z. That boy who sings and writes like no other, the same one who made me think and contemplate about life and universality and connectedness (Is this even a word? Clearly, I need to get some sleep if I can't figure this out, hee) just after reading 10 or so paragraphs of his random musings. Mind you, earlier during the evening I was feeling particularly angsty about the fact that tommorrow is Monday already and I have to keep up with my infinite number of reports, mentally checking off my list of things to do. And then I read his journal entry and viola! I felt so much better. Just like that.

Its not even that his writings are brilliant and mind-blowing. But there's just something about him that is essentially good and real and unpretentious which shines through his words. It doesn't matter if he wrote about a beesting or about a friend who passed away, everytime I read his journal I always come away with some insights about the things that matter. Like agape and oneness. And being grateful to Life and to "the me that is you".

And yes, I'm grateful. I'm grateful for a certain geek in the pink and his beautiful thoughts. For Sunday nights when I couldn't sleep and its just me and the whole possibility of words dancing with my pen, even if all the time I kept telling myself that I'm finally gonna sleep early, force myself to lay down in bed and close my eyes 'till I drift off to the land of REMs and all those other stages in between. I'm grateful for Life who gave me friends, crazy ones like me, who also plastered their Zoology textbooks with photocopied images of someone they all used to love, who were sent out of Ms. Serrato's sociology class because they were "shouting", and who ate a bag-full of marshmallow chocolates in a movie theater 'till they felt very sick, not really understanding what the movie was about because all they could think of was that surprise encounter of one friend's high school crush and his then-girlfriend. I'm grateful for memories of carefree times and belly laughs and shared loves.

So once again ISC girlies, here's to sharing:


  1. good times, good times! i still remember that glorious day when vonicles was kicked out of ms. serrato's class...hahahaha...how silly we were and hopefully we're still that silly =P


  2. yes, she-kids reunion!!! san diego?! we can hang out at java joe's. *wink, wink*

  3. Girls, girls, i looked into his eyes and saw a connection, so get in line! Ohmigod, i cannot love this guy enough! Geeks rule!

  4. i know mai. wait 'till he comes to northern cali, i am so gonna be a stalker! hehehe.