while i was gone

It's been a hectic spring break. I went to L.A. to attend the OS Symposium, saw some of my 'SC peeps, said hello to Tommy Trojan and felt ancient walking around the main campus with tons of college kids in their Juicy sweatpants and Hollister tees. Its been 3+ years since grad school but it seemed like aeons ago already.

Downtown L.A. is still flat and hot, the freeways were congested and it took forever to get from point A to point B, reminding me why I left in the first place. But despite its layers of smog and heavy traffic, L.A. still has a charm all of its own. I visited some of my old stomping grounds, Mitsuwa Market and Redondo Beach topping the list, and braved the Metro system for the first time. They say that the Metro is so ghetto but it really was not as bad as most people think. And it certainly beats sitting in traffic at the parking lot that is the 405 freeway.

Of course, its the people that makes a place special and I'm so lucky I was able to spend quality time with my original girls again. And who would've thought that eventhough I live in San Francisco I would actually go to a gay club L.A? Its a long story, Dae and co. wanted to support their Papi Edgar, so we went and had some good laughs.

Neeha and I, being the dorks that we are, went toy-shopping at Target. How dorky can we get? Its actually for the kids that we work with but we really did raid that toy section, grabbing games like Don't Break the Ice and Ants in the Pants like its gonna go out of style (they were on sale!). We also went to The Grove, which believe it or not was my first time going there and I lived in L.A. for 3 years, watched the movie The Namesake, and surprise, surprise saw one of the actresses while we were walking out of the theater. Only in Hollywood.

I stayed with Dae and Phil in their apartment in Long Beach for two days and I still can't believe that these two are married already. How time flies. Their apartment is beautiful, right by the ocean and at a walking distance to all the shops and restaurants on Second Street. On my last night in L.A. we had our "Chinito dinner" (according to Roy), Korean-Filipino style. Poch, whom I haven't seen in ages, even came our impromptu get-together. Everyone say ceviche! :P

R to L: Roy, Moi, Irish, Poch, Neehu, Phil and Dae


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