on a mission

Yesterday, I was on a mission to find the best burrito in town. And what better place to find it than the Mission District, a predominantly Latino neighborhood about 8 blocks away from my apartment. The restaurant, called Taqueria Cancun, was suggested by a friend of a friend who lives in this neighborhood. He said that it was voted the best burrito in SF over at Citysearch and Yelp! and I took his word for it. The funny thing was, exactly a week ago, I actually passed by this restaurant but I didn't even give it a second glance. Maybe because the restaurant was rather small and their decorations were a little too colorful for my taste.

But first impressions aside, their burrito was very good. I don't know if I will call it 'the best in the city' yet, but for its price (less than 5 bucks) nothing beats it so far. I should know because I'm quiet addicted to Mexican and Thai food. Their tortilla tasted like it was homemade and the burrito had tons of avocado and cilantro in it. And the best part was, they also had bottled Coke! I was so excited, I never had bottled Coke since I left the Philippines.

The restaurant's festive decor even grew on me, as did the music blaring from a jukebox, although I couldn't understand any of the songs' lyrics. And yeah, I took pictures because it was still early and only a few people were there.

Now my next mission is to find the best Thai food. Suggestions anyone? =)


  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2007

    hi. you probably don't know me. let me intro myself then. hehe. just call me rica and right now i am starting to read your blogs. i am also a book lover and a jason mraz fan. which one is your favorite? terribly sorry if the comment is not about your entry at all. no worries. i will try harder next time to be on topic. anyway, all the best and God bless.

  2. thanks for stopping by rica! yeah, jason mraz rocks. i can't love him enough. hee. my fave jason songs are "i'm yours" and "you and i both".

    cheers and thanks again for dropping a note! (",)

  3. I could recommend some great Thai restaurants in Edinburgh. That's probably too far away though?

  4. yeah, that's probably too far.

    although for awhile there i thought you meant edinburgh street. we have one here in san francisco. hehe.