driving along

“We're doing work today. We're doing work today." That was our mantra. And we thought that saying it over and over again will actually make it happen. Meanwhile, it seemed that all of San Francisco was out and about that bright Saturday. Runners, walkers, and bikers flocked The Embarcadero all the way up to Crissy Fields. Cars with bikes on their rooftops were everywhere and as we drove across the famous red-orange bridge, it soon became clear to both of us that nothing about the day will turn out as planned.

First of all, we couldn't decide where to “work". My cousin wanted to do it in his office but I was adamant that we should find a coffee shop. When we finally decided to go to a coffee shop, we couldn't think of one that was parking-friendly, had free internet access AND not in my neighborhood. Again, all these requirements were my idea. I’m usually not that picky but I guess I just needed an excuse to postpone doing paperwork again. I was all for driving up north towards Marin County.

Before we knew it, we were already driving along the coast on Highway 1, up and down the curvy road towards Stinson Beach. All my good intentions were gone at the first sight of the water. We made our last half-hearted attempt to find an internet café but of course we couldn’t find one. I was already rolling up my jeans, ready to get my feet wet, but my cousin wanted to drive further down the road where he said that there’s a quaint town with tons of little shops and art galleries. Anyone who knows me well should know that this is enough of a bribe to take me away from the beach.

After about 30 or so minutes of driving, we still couldn’t find the little town. It could very well be imaginary but I didn’t care because the day was so beautiful it somehow seemed right to drive along aimlessly. We saw signs that said Point Reyes National Seashore along the way and I tried to rack my brain to remember anything that I’ve read about this place before.

“I think there’s a look-out point somewhere here where the views are supposed to be amazing,” I told my cousin. But the big question was where, and if there really was one, how do we get there. “I guess we could just follow the signs,” my cousin said, although he was already getting tired so we switched places and I drove some 20-something more miles.

Along the way, we finally saw a coffee shop. And not just your regular cafe, but a rare gem of a shop with delicious organic pastries and desserts called Busy Bee Bakery. Their sticky pecan roll was soooo good! With all that dessert and caffeine, I happily drove onwards, up more winding roads and past historical ranches. I kept following the signs to Point Reyes Lighthouse and just when it felt like the drive was never getting us anywhere, we came upon this view:

It was one of those moments where the earth's beauty simply took my breath away. Literally and figuratively. All around me were miles and miles of land and sea. It was very rugged and peaceful at the same time. You can hear the surf crashing against the shore and the wind was blowing so hard that I had to walk very slowly to keep myself steady. I wanted to stay up there for a long time or at least before sunset but it was too cold. And besides, we had to drive back to the city before nightfall.

So did we get any work done that day? Nada. But we found a treasure spot instead. And isn't that way more exciting than working on a weekend?


  1. even though your day didn't turn out as planned...it sounds like it was PERFECT! I love when that happens!

    stumbled upon your blog through delightful blogs...

    and wanted to let you know you've been TAGGED...hope you'll join in!

  2. hello jo_annie,

    thanks for stopping by. and for the tag, too!