Here is a glimpse of a completely random conversation which made my otherwise boring day quiet interesting:

"Alex, why do you have a book under your shirt?" Gina, our speech therapist, asked as soon as Alex and his friend Jose came to the Resource room for their speech therapy session.

"Oh, I just want my writings close to me," Alex answered.

"But don't you think it looks a little strange?" Gina asked, pointing at Alex's bulging chest.

"Nah", was all he said.

I looked at Alex to see if he was joking or not. He is an adorable 8-year old, super smart but is rather quirky and somewhat clueless when it comes to reading social cues. I could tell that he wasn't joking. Along with the journal under his shirt, he was also wearing this high-waisted pants with the shirt tucked inside.

"I think Alex wants to be a superhero," Jose said.

Alex, bless his heart, smiled. Beaming from ear to ear.

"I guess so", I added.

And so it was that Alex spent the rest of the school day with his journal underneath his shirt. =)

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