long beach weekend

This entry may be a little late, but I just want to post a big shout out to Phil and Dae for being the coolest hosts ever during my Memorial Day weekend.

Phil just got his sailing license and decided to take us on a spin aboard Dark Horse, a sailboat that looks exactly like the one in this pic. It was my first time to go sailing and I didn't realize how much hard work it actually is. Lucky for us girls, Phil and his friend Kyle did all the work, while we just sat there enjoying the breeze. That is, until the waves came and the boat started tilting and we had to hold on for dear life. We got all wet but it was so much fun. I can't wait to do it again. And a little note to self: take swimming lessons ASAP!

The sea and all that sun made me miss SoCal again, especially at this time of the year when its cold and foggy here in San Francisco. If you think you can wear shorts and flip-flops in SF during the summer, think again. Summers are actually cold here. And for someone who craves the sun like I do, that's such a major disappointment. It made me want to think of moving back south again, but only for about 2 seconds. Hee hee. I heart my city by the bay.

Anyhow, here's some pics of all the fun we had in Long Beach:

This is the view right across Dae and Phil's place. Aren't they lucky?

Thanks to Dae and Irish for the pics!


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