Yesterday, I got tagged over at neverending growth so I'm playing on. Here are 8 random facts about me:

~ I fractured my left foot when I jumped to avoid a water puddle. This happened during my internship and I had to treat patients while I was in crutches. For 2 months!

~ When I was little, I used to hide inside my closet and no one would know where I was.

~ I was late for school everyday during my senior year in high school. Well, maybe not everyday but about seventy-five percent of the time. LOL.

~ I get migraine headaches when I'm really hungry.

~ I've eaten ice cream for dinner. Lots of times.

~ I play with my hair or bite my lower lip when I'm nervous.

~ I have no body or spatial awareness whatsoever and I bump into everything and everyone.

~ I fell in love with a boy that I met at an International Expo in China when I was 21. Very much like the movie Before Sunrise. We did exchange phone numbers but of course reality happened and we lost touch after weeks of e-mailing.

So that's my 8 random facts. Now I'm tagging:

* Feli
* Francine


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