tour del gelato

On a whim, I decided to walk down to North Beach (Little Italy) and eat gelato at my favorite gelateria today. The weather was perfect for walking around and I was close to the neighborhood anyways so I just went there right after work. Eversince I learned about Tour del Gelato, I was really excited to write about Gelateria Naia for hands down, I think they have the best gelato in San Francisco.

This place is almost always packed so I was ecstatic when I saw that I was the only customer there. One of the best things about Naia (well, aside from their gelato of course) is their colorful presentations. I mean, they arrange all these different flavors in so many creative ways that it such a visual delight. Take a look at this one for example, my favorite is the rose-flavored one with a real pink rose on top:

Since I was the only person there, I was able to sample a lot of flavors. They also have dozens of flavors of sorbetto (fruit version) and soy gelato. I opted for the ones I haven't tried before, just to be a little adventurous, and ended up getting a mix of peach and mango sorbetto. The peach one actually had real seeds in it! I was so happy in my own little gelato world that I almost forgot to pay. Yes, I was already out the door when I realized it. Thankfully the guy was really nice and he said he'd figured I'd go back anyway. The poor guy had to deal with me taking too many pictures AND almost not paying for it. Tsk, tsk. And their prices are not bad either, I paid $3.50 for a small one with two flavors.

Anyways, after I got my sorbetto, I decided to take it around Little Italy instead of sitting outside the gelato place. I stopped by Washington Square and took this picture with the famous Sts. Peter and Paul Church in the background. Don't you just love the little orange cup?

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  1. Hi there, Odessa! Great entry for the Tour del Gelato! I've updated the Blogroll :) I hope to see other stops from you.

  2. I looooooove gelato. I'm always on the lookout for gelaterias everywhere in Chicago. Thank God, daghan-daghan sad.

    Musta na ka? Uli ko Cebu for a month this Aug after graduation nako. ;)

  3. OOHH! That looks good! Good post! From a fellow Tour del Gelato tourist :)

  4. Rose-flavored gelato? Now that is something I would like to try!! Who gets the rose on top?

  5. Yum, yum, yum...and did you realize that your photo of Sts. Peter and Paul's was posted just two days before their day (June 29th)? Great timing :)

  6. Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments.

    Sara, I think I found another gelateria to write about. I'll keep you posted :)

    Christy, its sooooo good to hear from you again! Plano ko uli inig December, tan-awon lang ani. Suya ko nimo uli ka this August. Waaah!

    Jessica, the gelato was indeed very good. Perfect for a warm sunny day.

    Shelley, I've always wanted to try the rose-flavored gelato but I don't know every time I go to Naia, I always get sidetracked with the other flavors. Next time...hehe.

    sognatrice, I didn't know that it was Sts. Peter and Paul's Day on June 29th. Wow, that's perfect timing. Now this photo will have more meaning to me. Thanks for the info.

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