out of sync

Photo by JucaFii

It's one of those days. I woke up from an afternoon nap and just felt so low. That's not even the right word. I just felt so out of sync. Like I've ran out of happy pills and there's nothing else to do but mope around and ponder on the unpredictability of my mood swings.

I'm giving myself a headache by squinting at my computer screen for too long. What else can I do? Its not like I can just snap my fingers and everything will be all rosy again. Sometimes I even wish that I would stop thinking too much, feeling too much. You know, just live the unexamined life. But alas, I'm not that way, and even if I want to, I could never be that way. So there.

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  1. loving to see my bikerider inspiring you to fight against your online headache. go real, go bike! >;0)
    kisses from Rio.