My laptop has been out of commission for a week now. It's so disconcerting, to say the least. Now I'm back to paper and pencil for my writing assignments and it feels so different not to have a blank computer screen in front of me, my fingers poised to type away my thoughts, or press the backspace key should I decide to change my words. Not to be able to check my e-mail or read my favorite blogs everyday is also very difficult, I feel like I'm so out of touch with everything and everyone, which is really surprising considering that I didn't even have internet connection in my apartment a year ago.

On the other hand, having so much time in my hands which I would otherwise have spent surfing the net, I was able to do so many things. For one, I've gotten more writing and more sleeping done. I've also been staying outdoors a lot, reading a book at Dolores Park or walking along the pier in The Embarcadero. It was hard at first, letting go of that compulsion to go to the nearest internet cafe, but its gotten better everyday and I could go for days without checking my e-mails now. I realized that like everything else, we could easily fall into our little routines and take away an essential part of those routines and you'll feel a huge sense of disconnect, but then it was also amazing how you'll find other things to do to fill up that void, pretty soon you'll get used to a new routine, and the cycle continues.

Its very cold here in San Francisco today, 55 degrees and grey. This is still another thing that I have to get used to, not seeing the sun intermitently on summer days. But then again, instead of whining and sulking in my little apartment, I'll take this as an opportunity to be quiet, to rest and catch up with the things that I need to do. Tommorrow I'll be in Sonoma County, with its rows of vineyards and endless supply of fresh produce, and it'll be another beautiful day.


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