I'm a mess. In a creative kind of way (aha, good excuse!). Seriously, I'm barely getting enough sleep or nutrition, I'm glued to my laptop and yet I forgot to pay one credit card bill, which I could have easily done online. I haven't been this way since college when we used to pull all-nighters trying to finish projects and term papers. Csikszentmilhayi, a famous psychologist, called this creative state as "flow", an experience of being wholly absorbed in what you’re doing that the awareness of time disappears. Its exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. And I'm not even doing a big project.

First, there's writing. Now that summer school is done, I intend to do the best that I can for my writing class. As a result, I've been scribbling furiously in my journals or typing away on my laptop. But as everyone who has ever written or tried to write knows, writing is really all about waiting patiently, waiting for that special moment when the words will just flow (that magic word again) and you don't even think about it. In the meantime, there's much trying, staring into space, and writing "shitty first drafts", as Anne Lamott calls them, which I have been doing a lot lately.

I also made a photo book, thanks to Shutterfly. I have this box of pictures and souvenirs labeled "for scrapbooking" but really, who has time to make a scrapbook these days? Enter Shutterfly, an online photo service that lets you upload your pictures and put together a journal. Its just like scrapbooking, the digital way, they have guided templates on different themes (e.g. travel, birthday, wedding) and all you have to do is drag and drop your pictures and viola - a photo book. You should try it, I had so much fun making mine. Unfortunately, I don't have the book yet so I can't scan it but just to give you guys an idea, here's how it looks like:

Lastly, there's my books. I have so many books that I haven't even read past chapter 1 or 2 and yet I keep buying more. This weekend, I told myself to make a list of all the books, sort them, and exchange/sell the ones that I don't need in a used bookstore at the Mission district. It was a good plan, in theory. What I didn't realize is that in the process of sorting them, I also came across some of my favorites and started reading excerpts here and there. Pretty soon, I was reading Jose Saramago's Blindness and stayed up all night to finish it, with the rest of the books scattered all over the place. I have yet to finish the sorting.

* * *

So all that's been keeping me busy these days. How about you, experience a state of "flow" lately? I'm tagging you, its your turn to tell your story.


  1. oh my goodness...this is so me right now. been so busy and consumed with stuff...(hence the lack in new posts to the blog).

    in fact, just the other day I was completely tripping out that it's almost Agusut. where does time go anyway? sheesh.

    I'll post my story soon...


  2. oops...I apparently can't spell either... =) I meant almost August...

  3. Sounds like a fun flow...ride it while it lasts!

  4. hi jo anne,
    glad you stopped by and i hope that you're also enjoying whatever it is that's been keeping you busy. i look forward to reading your story.

    i do intend to enjoy while i can :)

  5. Hi odessa!

    First of all, thank you very much for your visit to my blog and your comment.

    I was thinking about making a photo book about the first year here in Spain and I guess I'll try Shutterfly. It looks nice.

    As for flowing, I've spent the last two months without working and even if I'm at home all day long with nothing to do I still forget about things. I don't know what I do all day long, it feels like I do nothing but when the night comes I'm always exhausted. I guess the high temperatures have something to do with this...


  6. sim, me too! school has been out for two weeks now so i don't have work but i'm just really lounging around, not doing anything much, except browsing the blogosphere of course. and then i wonder where time went. hehe.