we're all in the dance

Ah, it feels so good to have my computer up and running again. A week off of the internet was liberating in some ways, but a couple more days without it I know I would feel so out of the loop that I wouldn't even know what to do with myself. As it is, I'm barely catching up on my favorite blogs, per usual, laughing so hard over some seriously funny pieces at the McSweeney's, and just enjoying this insanely addicting world of the web.

Some days ago I saw the movie Paris, Je T'aime and fell in love with it. Eventhough I've never been to Paris, I feel like in a way I already know the city, thanks to authors like Colette and Hemingway and movies like Before Sunset, Amelie and now, of course, this one. Its actually an anthology of 18 short films set across different Parisian neighborhoods from directors the world over, each showing their unique perspective on the City of Light.

Watching the film, I was struck by its diversity and how eventhough it was set in Paris, those stories could have happened anywhere else. There was the young immigrant who had to leave her baby at a day care center only to take care of someone else's baby in a more affluent part of the city, there was the husband who was having an affair and just as he was about to leave his wife she told him of her terminal illness and so he stayed and fell in love with her all over again in the process, there were those two lonely mimes who finally found each other (in jail, no less!) and lived happily ever after, there was a young blind man who picked up the phone, listened to his girlfriend break up with him, and ended up reminiscing about their story during the entire telephone conversation. Of course, like every other anthology, there were a couple of misses, stories that didn't quiet fit in, but I think they also make the film more appealing, for just like in real life, it's messy and not picture-perfect as we want it to be.

There was one story that really touched me, that of an American tourist who had an epiphany about herself and Paris while she sitting alone in the middle of a park and everywhere around her were lovers, families, groups of people. Alexander Payne, bless his beautiful heart, directed this narrative in a way that made it both funny and so very sad at the same time. Aptly, this was the last feature of the film, with a lovely song by Feist playing towards the end:

We all go round and round
Partners are lost and found
Looking for one more chance
All I know is
We're all in the dance

And yes indeed, life is like a dance and we are all a part of it. Movies, music, the internet, and everything else really, tells us of how closely connected we all are to each other, and its so wonderful to be reminded of this again.


  1. kuyawa na nimo odang oy. bow jud ko nimo. dili man ko ka-relate sa imong french taste and spanish inclinations. murag high-end man kaayo. hehe... anyways, tc!

  2. biang! its so good to hear from you. nus-a man ka balik sa LA? plano ko visit inig aug. or last week of july. we should get together soon! :)

  3. this movie was on my 'maybe go and see list' after your review, I'll need to make sure I see it, if its still on in the cinemas here. Thanks!

  4. hi juliet,
    hope you get the chance to watch it. its really good.