My writing is kind of hit or miss lately, there are moments when I am so inspired to write and everything around me is drenched in metaphors, while there are also those times when all I could write in my journal were a few scattered, nonsensical sentences that weren't exactly going anywhere.

Today is one of those "miss" days. My mind is too full of my to-do-list now that I'm back at work again and every time I start to pick up my pen or open a word document, I got sidetracked to doing other things. Truth is, all I really wanted to do is lounge in my pajamas, browse the Internet for hours and eat ice cream for dinner - which I did, except for the ice cream part because I already made plans to meet with friends for dinner.

But the web is such a wondrous place, I found a poem by former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins and I didn't feel so bad about not being able to write anything. I figured, at least I "showed up" to write, so that still counts right? Funny thing is, after I played this video a couple of times, I've also written some "dutiful lines". They may or may not be useful later but what's important is I tried, even if I was daydreaming most of the time. Watch this lovely animated poem below and tell me if it inspires you to write:

Oh, I so want to be in a city where I have never been! Don't you?


  1. An animated poem--what a great idea.

    I love Billy Collins, by the way. especially for being a previous poet laureate. As a writer, I don't find him intimidating like I do some other poets and writers. Eggars encourages me to write too.

  2. kelly, i know what you mean about billy collins. his poetry is very accessible and profound in its simplicity. they inspire me to write.

    btw, its so good to hear from you! alleke is such a big girl now. i can't believe it.

  3. There are times when words just don't come out of the pen, or when they just don't come out right. Relax, take a deep breath, they will come out eventually. The daydreaming helps a lot also ;)

    Very inspiring! I loved the poem and the animation. I pick Stockholm, I don't know why...


  4. Hi Odessa! I love Billy Collins too!! And I love what you wrote and how beautifully you express yourself. And, yes!, I would love to be in a city where I've never been -- I want to go to St. Petersburg in Russia, or even closer to home I'd like to go to Nashville, Tennessee! I hope your weekend is going great!