poetry thursday

Alamo Square, taken on December 2, 2006

One thing that I've come to love about San Francisco is the fog and its cold summer evenings. I know, 58 degrees seems freezing in August, but I actually like it that way. Its perfect for meditation and long walks. That said, I wrote this one for Poetry Thursday, inspired by a prompt on first and last lines. I choose a line from one of Rilke's poems as my first line.

The sky puts on its coat of darkest blue *
coloring trees, flowers, narrow alleys

I walk past a line of tall houses, bay windows
reflecting the first light of streetlamps below

In the corner, a small park sits still, soft grass
carpet waiting for dogs to sink in their paws

Slowly a shroud of fog floats, thin white
sheets hiding oceans, faraway sleeping hills

It is evening. Soon I will turn around
to follow my shadow-steps again.

*Taken from a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke as translated by Stephen Mitchell


  1. shadow-steps casts a great image and the SF scene is so realistic, I can smell the ocean's fog.

  2. Hi Odessa! The color and silhouettes in your photo are gorgeous -- I've always adored evening's changing light. I also love San Francisco's weather, and watching the fog is such a thrill! Your poem is beautiful and wonderful and made me feel like I was right there, watching as "the sky puts on its coat of darkest blue".

  3. Very descriptive! I like this, it puts me right there.

  4. What a beautiful poem you created! And the picture...the colors and the evening light are peaceful...

    I'm so glad you stopped by! I promise to be a better communicator, interactor, when school slows down a bit. I miss writing my poetry and my blog!

    take care, and thanks for stopping by...I hope you and your sis get to live close someday too.

  5. You conjure up beautiful images with that right note of reflection.

    I like the neat lines of the poem.

  6. I love San Francisco and your poem made me wish I was there too! Nicely done.

  7. Thanks for the lovely Neruda poem! Speaking of poems, I just posted a new one on my blog. Check it out when you get a chance. And thanks for stopping by the other day...it's always wonderful to see your comments. :)

    Sending you much love and many faery xoxoxo today!

  8. nicely done!


  9. hi tumblewords! thank your kind words. i think i'm going to write another poem about shadow-steps, they do bring a wonderful image.

    hi clare! as always i really appreciate your comments. glad to know you love the fog too. it seems like we have so many things in common!

    hi marie! i hear you. i also work for the school district and i'm really bracing myself for the beginning of the school year. this couple of days will be my last carefree ones and then off to singing nursery rhymes and playing with silly putty...fun times. glad you were able to stop by though. thanks!

    hi constance, thank you for dropping by. and i'm glad my poem gave you a glimpse of my city.

  10. hi gautami, thank you for your wonderful comment. see you around PT or the new poetry community soon!

    hi lisa, thank you for dropping by. its my pleasure to share my love for SF here. glad you enjoyed the poem.

    hi laura, thanks for your kind words. i will swing by your site later.

    hi lizzie, thanks for stopping by! hope to hear from you again.

  11. I like the atmosphere in this and the grass waiting for the dogs' paws.

  12. Nice ~ "a small park sits still" is a great image.