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get set go!

The kids are back in school today. Lots of crying, clinging, paper-shuffling and hovering. When I say hovering, I meant the parents, we saw a lot of them peeking at the windows, standing close to classroom doors, lingering at the playground, sitting in their cars at the parking lot - I even wondered who's more nervous, student or parent.

Meanwhile, I think summer took all of my brain cells because I was so out of it today. I forgot some teachers' names and I can't remember where I placed some of my working files. I need a couple more days to get back to the routine again, thank God I don't start seeing kids until next week.

So then as I was going around the classrooms trying to figure out a schedule for my kids' OT sessions, I kept running into the kindergarteners and always, always they were standing in line, with their teacher right to the side. They were standing in line at the playground, they were standing in line in front of the principal's office, they were standing in line at the bottom of the stairs. I had no idea what they were standing in line for and don't they have to go back to their classrooms and read stories and sit in circle time?

Finally, it dawned on me - they were practicing how to stand in line! Duh. I'm so slow. I looked at them in their neat little line and for a split second I wanted to be a kindergartener again. You know, back when everything around you is still big and you stare at the world in wonder and you kept wishing for the bell to ring for recess so you can show off your new Power Rangers lunch box to your classmates. How uncomplicated life was then.

My reminiscing was cut short though when I heard a cry, followed by the sound of footsteps running down the corridor, then heavier footsteps until I saw a first grader with chubby cheeks and his teacher running after him. Apparently that was the third time that he ran away from his classroom today. Poor kid. I know that feeling. For didn't we all, at some point in our lives, wanted to run away from something that overwhelmed us?

But ready or not, school must go on, our lives must go on, no matter how many times we want to run away from it. I just wanted to give him a big hug.


  1. This made me laugh...perfect scenario of first days...still some crying and lingering going on...difficult adjustments for all of us...I agree with the list of to dos too. It always gets longer instead of shorter. Yes, I miss my writing and pajamas and my internet friends.

  2. Hi Odessa! It's always hard to get back into a work routine after having time off -- it will probably be easier next week. Kindergarten was my favorite grade of all -- it was full of magic and new opportunities. It's cute about the little ones learning how to stand in line -- and I felt sad for the little boy trying to run away -- I hope things get easier for him too!