over coffee

They say its not the place nor the moment. Because if you want to write, you write, it doesn't matter where you are or who you're with, etc. In this case, it was definitely the place and the moment. Friday night. A small cafe. Outside, its all misty and gray. Inside, you're warmed by a cup of coffee, red and oranged walls, and the possibility of words.

* * *

Javalencia Café

My book awaits open
patiently as though it knows
I need to take some time
to soak in the warmth of colors
dimmed lights that softened
a framed poster on the wall
one that says “Moulin Rouge”.

A young couple sat in a corner
by the window, face towards each other
lost in a conversation loud enough
for all to hear, her eyes twinkled
as she spoke, he used his arms
like a maestro conducting an
orchestra carefully making a point
as he punctuated the air.

A woman started to sip her coffee
on a table nearby and glanced
at the couple, I wondered if
she too was thinking of near-forgotten
images, dreams buried so deeply
she can barely recall their names

while a love song hummed discreetly
in the background and faint sounds
of someone washing dirty cups
and utensils chimed in harmony,
I went back to my book and reached
for a pen to write these lines.


  1. I love the atmosphere you evoke here and your book waiting patiently while you 'people watch'.

  2. This could be a coffee shop anywhere! Such astute observations.

  3. Thanks for sharing this scene. Now I think I must have been at the next table over from you (hee-hee).

  4. A very nice snapshot of a moment in time. :)

  5. they eyes are such a window to the senses sometimes aren't they.. how wonderful you captured this for us....

  6. A great visual of this moment in time!

  7. I felt like I was there, too. It's a nice cup of coffee.

  8. It's nice when you find the right place to inspire your thoughts. Your last stanza reminds me that life goes on while we write, laugh, and love.

    Nice poem.

  9. Hi Odessa! Great atmosphere in your poem! I love people watching too -- and listening to conversations. You did a great job creating the feeling and scene in the cafe!