poetry thursday

Photo by zinkwazi on Flickr

little sister

what we have is
more than blood
more than history
or shared beginnings

so much more than this
changing time zones.

if only you are here now
I'd give you half of
my broken wings, together
we'd fly beyond our pains

you, with your paintbrush
me, with my pen.


  1. I hope your sister reads this. It shows that you have a close bond.

  2. Two halves make more than a whole. Healing and tending the soul.



  3. Wonderful imagery. Thanks! :)

  4. u said don't cry...

    but after reading the poem u wrote for me, i couldn't help myself but cry...

    u can really write so well. i'm ur number 1 fan! :)


    if i could paint a picture right now ur the color that brings life to it. that is how u made me feel after reading the poem. thanks for the inspiration, ate.

    ur lil sis,

    moira :*

  5. That last stanza is WAY powerful. Excellent and very loving poem.

    Thank you,

  6. Wonderful poem about absence and completeness. ;)

  7. "you with your paintbrush
    me with my pen"

    wonderful wrap up lines to a poem of hope...

  8. Beautiful! The whole poem pulls together so well.

  9. Sisters are so special. We really feel each other's pain.

  10. I love this and it makes me want to go call my sister! The line "I'd give you have of my broken wings" brought tears to my eyes. This poem is so beautiful, Odessa. Thank you.

  11. this is a beautiful, touching tribute to your sister. i adore it.

  12. so few words and still you are weaving them into and around each other magically. the end almost made me cry.

  13. thank you all for your wonderful comments! xoxo

  14. A lovely evocation of interdependency.

  15. I re-read this poem because it so describes my sister and I! She lives in Utah and does the artwork, and I love to write...what a great tribute...I shall have to direct her to you poem so she can taste your lovely words. Your relationship sounds perfect...don't you wish there were no such thing as distance?

  16. marie, aren't sisters just precious? i think we are just blessed to have sisters. and yeah, i really miss mine for they live a thousand miles across the pacific ocean :(

    anyways, thank you for visiting! and tell your sister hello from me.