from where i'm sitting

After an overly long meeting at The Presidio this afternoon, I decided to clear my head and take a short walk around area. Eversince the school year started, I have been constantly running around, if not physically, also mentally. For even if I'm not doing anything, my mind is still thinking about all the things that needed to be done.

During my walk, I kept reminding myself not to think about my "to-do" list, just concentrate on the walk itself, one foot after another. That didn't work. But I kept on walking anyway. After a while I found a tree stump and decided to sit and write a poem from there. Actually, its still a draft but I want to share it here because of its significance today.

{notes from where i'm sitting}

still life bay. sky, trees,
mountains, sailboats, all
at rest. even the water,
not a ripple or sound
as if everything here is
standing still, paused.

i see the bridge, picture-ready
in red. i ask, does it ever
grow tired of posing for the
camera? if it wasn't painted
red, will it still be famous?

red, burning, deep red.
the color of monks' robes in Burma,
a splash of blood on the streets,
a light that says stop - red.

no wonder everything is standing still today.

* * *
This is my (early) contribution for the Thursday Travelling Poetry Show, hosted by Tracie Lynn over at The Red Door Studio this week.


  1. the days have been so bad that even blood does not get noticed
    people dying and no one to care

    nice poem..

  2. Very good for a rough draft.

    "i ask, does it ever grow tired of posing for the camera? if it wasn't painted red, will it still be famous?"

  3. Strangely enough, I find this piece finished. It matches the sound bytes of the world - one disaster after another and not time to absorb the implications of any. And yes, the bridge was beautiful in green! Nice work, for sure!

  4. Good loop from and back to still, through red. It works really well. Provacative in such a quiet way.

  5. i like... =)

  6. hi rambler,
    you're right, there's so much bloodshed and no one seems to care anymore. it so sad. thanks for stopping by! =)

    hi gautami,
    thanks! i'm not really sure about this yet. i feel like i need to work on it more.

    hi tumblewords,
    thanks a lot! i'm glad you enjoyed it.

  7. hi deb! thanks for dropping by. the red part of this poem just came from nowhere really. i was staring at the bridge and how much i love it, then that stanza came. =)

    hi 'rish! thanks. i'm happy you like it. come and visit me here again soon. =)

  8. beautiful...words and photo!

  9. Lovely photo and poem. Love, love, love the poem in fact. Brava :)

  10. hi delia,
    i'm honoured that you liked the poem. i've always loved your poetry, thanks for stopping by! =)

  11. hi sognatrice,
    thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed the poem. =)

  12. Odessa, I like this poem. It's interesting how you related the color of the bridge to what is happening in Myanmar. The monks' robes are the same color as the bridge...

  13. I love the direction and movement of this poem. Wonderful! Peace, JP/deb

  14. Hi Odessa! I love your poem! I think lots of us have had Burma on our minds and in our hearts recently. It's really good that people are voicing their outrage about what's happening. I really like how you ended with the line "a light that says stop -- red". Powerful. And I'm glad you got to go on a walk around the Presidio -- such a beautiful place!

  15. Hello my friend. I loved the exact same lines as gautami...just thinking of a bridge posing sounds really cool Those are definitely keepers! I can imagine you struggling to keep all those crazy thoughts away and the bridge just reminding you to stop. I'm sooooo glad you shared.

  16. This is an excellent poem, you make so many good connections here - the red running through it and the still life view becoming the world standing still