a few of my favorite things

Goodness, first week of school was hard. I ended up coming home very exhausted everyday. Decided to go to Chrissy Field later this afternoon to unwind. Thank God for the ocean, I soon forgot anything work-related and realized that most of the things that I really need is inside this tote:

my journal and its companion purple pen
a book of poetry, Neruda of course
peppermint-chocolate Luna bars, some water
a sweater (the fog can roll in any minute)
my little camera and a muted cellphone

Have a fabulous long weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Odessa! Chrissy Field is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And how wonderful to be there with all your favorite things! Neruda is a perfect companion to take along, too.

  2. Ooh, you have a lot of my favorite things there as well :)

  3. hi clare! i'm just loving crissy field and taking advantage of it while the weather is still nice. i know in november it'll be too cold to go there already.

    hi sognatrice! yeah, i realized that i really only need very few things to make me happy. i'm sure its the same for you as well. thanks for swinging by!