swing's eye view

I was once a therapist in a clinic full of swings and they did wonders to the children that we worked with. Now, more than ever, I need something to lift my spirits up and thought that a ride at the swings might just be the cure that I need. So off I went to my neighborhood park by the hill where I can see the city's skyline just in time before dusk slowly settled in.

And yes, I realized that I still have a lot of things to be thankful for. The gift of solitude, even for an hour. How the golden sunlight made the city glow in the distance. The crisp autumn air as I went up and down the swing. Breathing in and out and not thinking of anything else. Being able to wear flip-flops in November. Oh, and some bit of sand between my toes. =)


  1. Oh how I love swinging ... so glad you gave yourself this moment! I've tagged you over at my site :) xx, JP/deb

  2. If only my park had that view!

  3. I can't comment on your newest post (no comment link), so I just wanted to say, I love the pic & quote. Peace, JP/deb