a lazy, feist(y) day

Here I am listening to Feist and the pitter-patter of rain. Perfect excuse to stay in and lounge in my pajamas, don't you think? I actually saw her concert last night and oh, it was soooo good. So much so that I'm still floating in the wonder of it all, inspired to do something that I can pour my heart and soul into. Watching Feist perform onstage does that to you - she's a truly gifted singer and boy can she play the guitar!

And she sang this song that had me grinning from ear to ear:

If Feist sounds vaguely familiar, that's because her song 1234 is actually featured in the new iPod Nano commercial. I can't say anything about the Nano because I don't own one, but I would definitely recommend her new album The Reminder, easily one of the best ones this year.


  1. Hi Odessa! I am so excited to have discovered Feist -- what an amazing voice and spirit she has. I can't believe I hadn't heard of her before. Thank you so much for telling us about her -- I'm going to get her album!

  2. your very much welcome, clare! its my pleasure to introduce her to all of you. hope you enjoy the album! :)