where i live

This week's Totally Optional Prompt is about places. I decided to write a few haikus to give you a glimpse of this multifaceted city I now call home:

stack of houses
on a photogenic hill --
tourists gaze in awe.

* * *

café in North Beach
poets meet and write --
bikes wait outside.

* * *

downtown train station
bearded man plays guitar --
young girl looks away.

* * *

streetcar crawls
up and down steep hills --
the fog is lurking.


  1. excellent selection of snapshots there.

  2. Great Haiku! I loved all. Great photo too!

  3. Great use of haiku here! A longer piece wouldn't have been as sharp. It's like click click click. ~Linda

  4. hi juliet,
    thanks for visiting! glad you liked my SF snapshots. :)

    hi gautami,
    thanks! i had to walk up really steep stairs in my neighborhood to get this shot.

    hi linda,
    i actually tried to write a longer piece but it was so hard to put it together and i got frustrated with it, hence the switch to haiku. and your right, i think it works better. thanks!

  5. I like the haiku-snaps, too. The photo is amazing--houses on houses on houses. They don't fade into the blus (which in my memory could be sky or bay) and the haiku captures that.

    I can picture bikes on the sidewalk--fun image!

    Makes me hunger for another visit to SF.

  6. Sharp, clear glimpses.

  7. Hi,
    love the photo and the haiku(s) give(s) a little glimpse into the places in your world.

  8. Wonderful series of haikus! Made me envision my favorite city!

  9. Whoa. A breathtaking shot. Coupled with the first haiku, it'd be such a strong haiga. ^_^ (The walk up the steep stairs has been well worth it, I reckon.)

  10. Odessa ... Wonderful set of 'ku that reflect the city ... having spent time there, I embrace each one. Peace & love, JP/deb