a balancing act

This artwork from Studio Mela reminds me of a haiku that I once wrote about birds balancing on telephone wires. They look like they're having so much fun perched all the way up there, I started to imagine what their conversations are like. Are they talking about the weather? Are they wondering why us humans spend so much of our time working and worrying about paying the bills? Do they even care? :)

Would love to hear about your imagined conversations.


  1. Just catching up & GREAT to see you back here!! xx, JP/deb

  2. I have been noticing these birds everywhere myself...hmm...what *do* they talk about?!?

  3. I expect they're talking about where to find food - it is probably a key preoccupation for them!

  4. hi deb,
    thanks for visiting! :)

    hi d,
    those birds do pop up everywhere don't they? :)

    hi mauigirl,
    i didn't even think about food. of course! :)

    hi nyc/caribbean ragazza,
    thanks for dropping by! glad you liked the artwork. i'm thinking of buying one myself but only until i know exactly where to put them in my tiny apartment. :)