the end of things

Photo by yosigoo!!! on Flickr

I just learned today via sfgirlbybay that Polaroid is closing its doors on instant film. What a sad, sad news. I suppose its inevitable in this era of digital cameras but Polaroids are special. They give you instant gratification. They have a unique quality that's exclusively Polaroid. The kids that I work with thinks they're the coolest thing in the world, how am I gonna tell them that their favorite "prize" will be gone soon?

I guess I should start hoarding Polaroid films now. :(


  1. Oh, I love those pictures! But alas, I must admit I don't use them anymore either. I wish I had some to give you...

    thanks for visiting me...I have been so long gone...but I vow to take pictures of where I'm going in drawing. It's exciting!

    Are you doing much poetry? I feel so lost because I haven't in so long. I must get better. How's your sister?

  2. Very sad indeed. Although I haven't seen any around in years, it's tragic that now I really won't :(