red and gray

I am in love with this color combo right now. Don't know why. I just bought this red coat on a super discounted price and I'm looking for ways to mix and match it with other colors. How about a pair of gray boots or opaque gray tights? What do you think? =)

Hmmm...I may have been reading too much of The Sartorialist lately. How else will I explain why I've been thinking on what to wear while taking pictures around my neighborhood? And oh, don't you just love how the reflection of that gray car somehow ended up in the picture above? I never even noticed it before. Haha.

P.S. The Sartorialist is actually a fashion blog that features what people are wearing on city streets like NY, Paris, and Milan. Check it out, you'll get so many ideas from this site, though I must warn you that it is very addicting!


  1. Hi Odessa! Welcome back - I just realized you had started posting again after your hiatus, when you commented on my blog! I'd been faithfully checking for awhile but then got sidetracked with family issues! Just caught up with your recent posts! Loved the poem about the Wild Geese. I'm sure your own muse will return to you soon.

  2. I like the reflection of *you* in the glass as well...the little glimpses in the background make it that much more interesting a shot. Welcome home...

  3. that photo is lovely, I like the colour combination, though for clothing my preference is usually burgundy and black

  4. hi maugirl!
    thanks so much for visiting and for hanging around my blog eventhough i've been gone for so long. you're the best! :)

  5. hi delia,
    thanks for the warm welcome! :)

    hi juliet,
    yeah, i think black goes very well with red. i haven't tried burgundy yet, thanks for the tip! :)