I have this love-hate relationship with Anthropologie. On one hand, I love almost everything in this store and yet I know that I could never afford anything in it. Well, except maybe when items go on super sale, but then I could never find my size on the sales rack either. Le sigh.

Anyways, I just received this month's catalog and oh dear, I wanted to weep. Shot on location in Marrakesh, everything about it screamed "ME, ME, ME". The clothes, the shoes, the bags (!)... all of it is so "me". I've never really splurged on fashion before and this one *almost* made me want to. But then again, I thought about it and decided that saving money to actually go to Marrakesh is even better. Right?

Meanwhile, I made this collage of my favorite pieces from the catalog for that much-needed jolt of inspiration. If any of you have extra cash and you want to make a poor girl like me happy, now you know where to go. Haha.

Have a happy, happy weekend everyone. Hope its sunny where you are!


  1. i love anthropologie too!

  2. Ah yes, but you're rich in spirit!

    I'm with you--wish I could shop there whenever I wanted. *sigh*

  3. Great collage...
    We call them dream collages...and usually the energy used to create them somehow brings things into fruition...

    I agree, you are indeed, rich in spirit...

  4. hi january,
    thanks! i didn't even think about it that way. *smiles*

    hi marie,
    i'm keeping my fingers crossed about my dream collage. who knows, maybe someday i'll have the chance to visit marrakesh. thanks! =)