I went inside a gift shop thinking of buying this framed art for someone. I didn't realize that the someone I had in mind was myself. Only after the artist wrapped the present and asked who am I giving the artwork for did I smile and say "me". Then she wrote my name.

And it felt wonderful. To reward yourself of something that you love and not feel guilty about it. Often I beat myself up for not getting things done, for falling behind my schedule, for not doing this and that when what I should be doing is give myself credit for all the things that I have done and more.

So today, I am giving myself this gift.

How about you, what have you given yourself lately?


  1. I just gave myself a pair of silver earrings!

    We are vacationing on Maui right now and there is a place I always go to browse - it's called the Maui Crafts Guild and has wonderful work by local artists, including jewelry. So I usually buy myself a pair of earrings or other jewelry when I'm there.

  2. I haven't given myself any tangible gifts lately ... but, everytime I carve out precious time for writing I feel like I'm giving myself a gift. Sending you peace, xx, JP/deb

  3. wow, mauigirl in maui! i hope you're having fun. i'm so jealous! :)

  4. deb,
    you're so right. lately this has been a challenge for me as i spend more and more time surfing the internet and reading other people's blogs that i often don't have time to write. its good to think about your writing time as a gift to yourself.