say hello to red

I am not really a dog person. This is somewhat embrassing especially since most of my friends here in San Francisco has a dog or a cat. I'm okay with them, I just don't see myself having one. And it doesn't help that I am very tactile defensive either. Though I am not as overly sensitive to textures or touch as I used to be, the thought of a dog coming up to me and randomly licking my face still makes me cringe.

That is, until I met Red. My cousin rescued him from a shelter a month ago and he is just the sweetest little dog. He used to be really scared of people and doesn't like anyone touching him (hmmm...this sounds very familiar :P) but with my cousin's care, he's opened up and is now very playful. This week, I took care of him while my cousin was away on a business trip and all I can say is I really surprised myself. I didn't know that I could love a dog this much.

Isn't he adorable? He was watching the Project Runway finale with me.


  1. He is totally adorable! From a house of cats and one dog (who thinks he is a cat) we can say definatively that pets are totally awesome (and therapeutic). xx, JP/deb

  2. I'm not a real dog person either, I prefer cats or rabbits but red looks like the kind of dog who would win me over....

  3. Very cute!

    I was more of a cat person until we had our previous dog, Alice. I fell in love with her and have been a dog person ever since, although I still love cats too. Once you get to really know a special dog it can change you.