spring forward

alarm clock rings
sun peeks through window -
hit the snooze button.

a "rising" haiku for
Writer's Island


  1. Well said. And beautiful photo to accompany your poem.

  2. lovely photo and i like your words too, though if the sun is up, i am less likely to hit snooze...

  3. The picture is amazing...
    I LOVE the idea of Spring rising!

    Keep on keepin' on...break is right around the corner and we're in home stretch. I bet you're an awesome teacher! Have a good week. Marie

  4. Oh, that SO sums up how the past two days have been!

  5. hi january,
    glad you liked the haiku and the pic. =)

    hi juliet,
    the last two days since we changed the clocks has been tough. daylight savings time is definitely disorienting, especially if you're not a morning person like me. :)

    hi marie,
    thanks for your sweet comment. i'm really looking forward to spring break. ah, two more weeks.

    hi susan,
    welcome and thanks for leaving a comment! glad to know we're in the same boat. hopefully our body clocks will adjust to the change soon. :)

  6. Nicely written and the photo is eye-popping. It's a strange disorientation, this clock shift. Arggh.

  7. Just perfect - I do the same every day!

  8. Reading this made me chuckle, for I am not a morning person myself and have had a love-hate relationship with the snooze button for decades (yes, decades). Haha.

  9. WoW..this is a very beautifully captured shot along with the lovely words!

  10. hi tumblewords,
    thanks! good to see you here again. =)

    hi keith,
    welcome to the club of snooze-hitters. haha.

    hi soulless,
    wow, decades sounds awfully loooong. for some reason, i didn't have a problem with waking up early when i was still in school. oh well. =)

    hi flyingstars,
    welcome and thanks for dropping by. =)

  11. Great haiku and picture.