starting fresh

With spring in full swing, I am filled with a renewed enthusiasm for starting anew. And this time, I vowed that I will really get things done. Or try my best anyway. So I bought this new journal, hoping that its beautiful pages will inspire me to slowly inch my way into writing again. Writing poetry, that is.

Coincidentally, I just learned that April is National Poetry Month (thanks to January of Poet Mom). With this comes NaPoWriMo or National Poetry Writing Month where participants are challenged to write a poem each day for the month of April. A poem a day!!!

That sounds daunting but I thought about it for a long time and said what the heck, I'll take the plunge. I may or may not post the poems that I've written here though, but I'm really gonna give it my best shot. So, I'm starting with this small poem as a warm-up, pre-NaPoWriMo.

* * *
The Café Life

Everyone around her is busy
speaking in a foreign tongue -

Stirring her black coffee,
she took it all in, transfixed
as if watching a movie with
subtitles, reading gestures
a smile, a look in the eye –

Overhead, a ceiling fan spins
and spins.

(Photo from Rare Device)


  1. Starting fresh ... Spring is the perfect time for renewal. I've contemplated participating in NaPoWriMo, but not sure if I can commit! Good luck :) xx, JP/deb

  2. hi deb,
    thanks! i figured i needed that extra "push" to write more, maybe NaPoWriMo could be it. and keeping my fingers crossed that i'll stumble upon a good one out of 30. =)

  3. I like this poem, you capture the moment perfectly.

    Good luck with NaPoWriMo. I'm not in America, so I don't do it, that's my excuse any way...

  4. Cool, I should join! I could at least post one of my haikus every day!

  5. excellent... glad you joined in... best wishes for yr 30 days...