across the bridge

There's a city hidden
in a sea of fog.
She rises like a dream
and keeps my eyes open
to the joy of waking.

I am Dorothy in the Land of Oz.

* * *

This is a response to the prompt "overheard" for ReadWritePoem. Some time last month, I overheard one of the kids at work talking to his friend about how much he loves the morning drive from his house to school because "the buildings look like a foggy Emerald City". I taught about this again last Sunday while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, hence the inspiration for this small poem.

Note: So I guess this is also my contribution for NaPoWriMo today. I tried to write another one but I couldn't finish it. Oh dear, and its only Day 1. What have I gotten myself into? =)


  1. i love that you overheard a
    child saying that
    about the foggy emerald city...

    and i really enjoyed your poem
    and look forward to more

  2. I know the feeling, and we're just in the early stages. Yikes! Hang in there.

    But this is a lovely little effort.

  3. crafty green poet, gkgirl, january -- thanks!!! =)

  4. I love it - a great description of my favorite city! Well done.

  5. Lovely poem! I especially love the line "and keeps my eyes open/ to the joy of waking" -- really nice!!