10 by 10

I found this meme via the lovely Delia over at Left-Handed Trees and I couldn't pass it up. Its a great way to look back and look forward to the events in one's life. You guys should try it!

* * *
Ten Years Ago
I was 18, lost in my world of books, celebrity crushes (yes, my friends and I were quiet the stalkers, hehe), memorizing facts for our physiology and anatomy classes, late-night study sessions, and carefree summers and holidays in between. I was pretty sure that I was going to become a doctor and that I was gonna marry the man that I love at 27. I was in the Philippines but I dreamt of faraway places.

Ten Months Ago
I realized that if there's anything in the world that I am truly and completely sure of, just one thing, and that is, I need to write. And that I am happiest when I'm writing. It was a completely turnaround from the life that I had envisioned for myself, that of being a clinician and a researcher. I was already 27, happily single, and living miles away from my home country.

Ten Days Ago
I came home from work and immediately took a long nap. I was (and still am) really stressed out about (paper)work and couldn't wait for the long weekend to come so I could drive somewhere and relax for awhile.

Ten Hours Ago
I fell asleep after watching a segment of the movie Paris, Je T'aime and thinking how wonderful it would be to live in Paris in the springtime.

Ten Minutes Ago
I was sitting in my car, waiting for a parking spot to open, and trying to be calm about it after circling around and around my neighborhood for what seemed like hours. It must have worked because seconds later, someone left, and I felt like I had won the parking lottery. Something that never happens on a Saturday night in this fair city.

Ten Minutes From Now
I will be calling my friend to tell her that I am really tired and I'm not going out after all. (Geez, I feel so old now :P)

Ten Hours From Now
I'll be having breakfast at my favorite brunch place in Noe Valley. It is steps away from the produce market where I'm going to buy my week's supply of fruits and veggies.

Ten Days From Now
It will be the last week of work before summer school. I will be so busy trying to finish all the progress reports and paperwork. And I'll be saying goodbye to my little kiddos as they go away for the rest of the summer.

Ten Months From Now
I will (hopefully) have bought a ticket to go somewhere for the two-month summer break. The plan was to go on a backpacking trip to South America or Southeast Asia --- my great adventure before I turn 30. (Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this one).

Ten Years From Now
Ah, that seems too far away! Ideally I would have to be married and have kids by then. And oh, I would have to have published something. A girl can dream, right? ;)

Now, it's your turn!


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