happy friday!

~Things That Made Me Happy Today ~

These pictures of the lovely
Zooey Deschanel makes me want to go to the nearest full-length mirror and sing/dance/pose to my heart's content. I love her sense of style and the fact that she seems very comfortable in her own skin. Oh, and that white blouse is too adorable! (Photos via Oh Happy Day)

Eating frozen yogurt (strawberry + pineapple) after an hour of super intense, thigh-shaking workout at The Bar Method.
Yogen Fruz is so good, check out their website to find the closest store near you. ;)

Longer days and lots and lots of light! Summer is just around the corner and it makes me oh-so-excited. Can't wait to take a road trip by the coast and explore the rest of Cali with my dear friends.

Anne Lammott's book in a crowded train on my way home. It's good to be reminded once again that writing "shitty first drafts" is perfectly ok. Now if only I can sit and bring myself to write that elusive first draft...

Shedding a tear or two while watching
this wonderful, wonderful movie. Ah, I've never been this touched by a film in a long time, truly one of the best ones this year and I wouldn't be surprised if Richard Jenkins is nominated for a Best Actor award for his amazing performance here.

* * *
How about you, what made you happy today?

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  1. Oh, Ms. Zooey is just darling. I love her too.