"you know you're gonna miss your plane"

Does this line seem vaguely familiar? Or is it just me, because I am such a movie geek? Anyways, for those who forgot, it's a line from Before Sunset, one of my absolute favorites.

Much to my surprise, the movie that I just saw tonight also had the exact ending line. Only this time, it wasn't Julie Delpy saying it but an equally beautiful (okay fine, HOT) French actor,
Melvil Poupaud. And yes, part of the film was also shot in Paris.

The movie is called Broken English. I will not spoil anyone by giving away the plot (you can read it
here if you want), but I must say that despite its rather cliched and disjointed narrative, I really liked it. Maybe it has to do with the talented Parker Posey, who was just the perfect actress to play the lead character Nora, or maybe it's because in some ways I can relate to Nora's story, but whatever it is compelled me to write something about it.

There was a scene in the movie that hits close to home. Nora, a 35 year-old single New Yorker came to visit her parents and one of the first questions that they asked her was "Are you seeing someone special lately?" I had to laugh because this is exactly the same question that I get all the time. And like Nora, everyone (including my own mom) is trying to set me up on a date. Okay, maybe not everyone because my closest friends know me well enough to know that I absolutely hate it, but you get the drift.

And so while I was watching Nora pop her anti-anxiety meds like there's no tommorrow, I started thinking about how society puts so much pressure on single women to be in a relationship that it actually takes away from their enjoyment of the entire singlehood experience altogether. I know of people who spend all their time and energy trying to find a boyfriend that they end up feeling sorry for themselves when they can't find what they're looking for or else they settle for the first person that showed interest in them and end up in a miserable relationship later. And that's really sad.

For me, if its meant to be, then it will happen. In the meantime, I will spend my time doing the things that I love to do and not worry about it. But try telling that to my mom or my aunt and they will simply look at you and then say "Yes...but you still need to find a boy." I heard this so many times that now when they tell me this I just roll my eyes and answer, "Ah, maybe the boy needs to find ME." Hee.


  1. Families put a lot of pressure on the females in the family to get married, or at least find a mate. It takes time. And it may not happen right away.

    Of course, my family was the opposite. They never pressured me to find a man. I think they thought I would stay single forever. Weird.

    Thanks for the movie recommendation--I'll have to check it out. I do like Parker Posey.

  2. Happy Summer! I was so delighted to hear from you and will be sure to be a much better blogging friend.

    I loved your thoughtfulness in this piece. I have some single friends and they are happy and have good careers going for them. Happiness should be enough celebration! I will celebrate your singledom and be happy for what treasures life brings you.

    I also appreciate the reminder and the movie ideas. I like movies with good stories. Have fun today!

  3. Hi January,
    That's so great that your family never pressured you to find a man. I think in my case, it may be cultural too. A lot of Filipinos, particularly those who live in rural areas, marry in their early 20's. Plus the women in my family loves matchmaking in general. :)

    Hi Marie,
    Its so good to hear from you! You're right, happiness should be a cause for celebration, whether you're single or married. :)