confession tuesday

~ I've been so lazy lately. This chilly San Francisco summer is not helping either. Its so windy and cold these days (low 50s) that all I want to do is curl up in my sofa and read a book. Or spend my time browsing the web.

~ Speaking of the web, I think I may be a tad too obsessed with style blogs. Especially the French ones.
This blog is my favorite. I don't understand any of the words but I want all of her outfits. Ah, why are French girls so chic?

~ Last week, I bought a summer dress from Anthropologie but had to return it two days later. I really, really wanted to keep that one, it was close-to-perfect for me, but I just couldn't justify the cost (even if it was on sale) so I came up with a long list of reasons why I should return it. Oh well.

~ I almost burst into tears while listening to
this Coldplay song in a coffee shop. What's wrong with me? I'm not the weepy kind, but lately words and images makes me sad. Even the poems that I'm trying to write are sad. My friend N said she feels the same way and that this must be our quarter-life crisis. I don't know. But I'm writing more though, so maybe all is not lost.

~ Some days ago (or maybe months ago, as some of my scribbles are not dated), I wrote this in my journal: "The maps on the wall are faded, still you believe that if you look closely, you will find your imagined country. Somewhere." -- So is that it? Is that what *this* is all about? Am I yearning for movement and change yet again?

Photos from Cachemire et Soie


  1. coldplay and tears...i almost shed some this morning on my run. hahaha.

  2. Maybe you do need a change. A change of scenery may do you some good. I mean, the weather alone in San Fram would make me go someplace warmer for a bit.

    Coldplay makes me sad, too.

  3. i have to agree. as much as i love coldplay, i think that with my current mood, their songs should be temporarily banned from my playlist :)

  4. january, you're absolutely right. it doesn't feel like summer here because we hardly see the sun. i'm seriously thinking of going down to visit my friends in SoCal in the next couple of days. ah, if only gas isn't so expensive nowadays.